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Funny Activity Page for Grown-Ups : Kitty Cat Likes the Pole Too Much

Your Kitten’s Obsession with the Pole has Gotten You a Little Worried About Her Future. Be a Good Parent and Support Her New Lifestyle by Drawing Money Underneath the Pole.

Do You Notice That It Is Only Poor Fuckers Saying That Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

Don’t listen to a poor person who says that money can’t buy you happiness…because look how far this advice has taken them. Now if Donald Trump tells me that money can’t buy happiness, then I will believe him.

Girl Coffee Won’t Cure Bitch : Free Funny Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

You can have all the coffee that you want, but I don’t see it helping your being a bitch problem that you have. You might want to try Prozac, but coffee doesn’t cure bitch, so you are shit out of luck.