Swear and Curse Words Coloring Book for Adults

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Come home from working with jerks all day by using this funny coloring book to relieve your stress. Think of your horrible co-workers while you color in these funny, insulting one-liners that are filled with bad words. Other coloring books for adults are so boring…don’t be like all the other adults! Remember when that old man at the grocery story called you “weird” and “disturbed”? Well he was right about you…you ARE weird. Embrace your oddness and use this coloring book filled with swear words and rude one-liner jokes. The next time one of these “normal” adults calls you “weird”, prove them right by handing them a hand colored, insulting-curse-filled coloring page. If this doesn’t make you look “eccentric” and “weird”, I don’t know what will.

Unlike other swear words coloring books that I have found, this coloring book is funny. Instead of just coloring in a swear word, you will color in something funny. We hope that this coloring book will make you smile…if this is the result, then we have done our job. Here are a few pages that you can enjoy for free…


don't tell anyone but I'm a huge slutbag

don't look me in the eyes you motherfucker

never apologize for being a douchebag you unapologetic douchebag


(Thanks to Vecteezy.com)