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Funny Snarky Quote : Success Was No Accident – You Sucked Your Way to the Top

Success was no accident…there was a lot of sucking and jerking people off involved to get you to where you are today! This is a snarky, funny coloring book page for grown-ups.

Funny Activity Page for Grown-Ups : Kitty Cat Likes the Pole Too Much

Your Kitten’s Obsession with the Pole has Gotten You a Little Worried About Her Future. Be a Good Parent and Support Her New Lifestyle by Drawing Money Underneath the Pole.

Funny Word Scramble Activity Page for Grownups – Sea Whore Has Washed Onto Shore

Try to Push The Sea-Ho Back into the Ocean Before She Dies. They are Very Dangerous and Might Attach Themselves To You. Unscramble this phrase to get the sea whore to go back into the ocean

Funny Coloring Page for Grown-Ups: Cats Showing Up on Front Yard When Single Woman Turns 40

Print out this free coloring page for adults…this one is a of a single woman waking up to a surprise…her entire yard is filled with cats. This just automatically happens when you turn 40, when you are a single woman.

Wine or Murder Maze : Funny Activity Page for Adults

Adult if a Fine Line Between Tolerating People and Committing Murder. The Only Way You Are Able to Tolerate People is To Drink Wine. Get To That Wine Before You Commit Murder. Here is a Maze That You Need to Solve or You Might Become a Psychopath.

Color in Woman on Meth : Funny Adult Coloring Book Page

Amber is a good girl, but she caved in to peer pressure and did Meth just once. Color in Amber now that she is a Meth Head. Make sure to mess her up a lot…Meth will fuck up any one. Have fun!