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Funny Snarky Quote : Success Was No Accident – You Sucked Your Way to the Top

Success was no accident…there was a lot of sucking and jerking people off involved to get you to where you are today! This is a snarky, funny coloring book page for grown-ups.

Funny Word Scramble Activity Page for Grownups – Sea Whore Has Washed Onto Shore

Try to Push The Sea-Ho Back into the Ocean Before She Dies. They are Very Dangerous and Might Attach Themselves To You. Unscramble this phrase to get the sea whore to go back into the ocean

Can a Bitch Get Some Chocolate

This image says “Can a Bitch Get Some Chocolate?” and I think it translates pretty well without me telling you what it means.

Fuck This Shit – I’m Moving to the Woods : Funny Free Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

I can’t stand being part of humanity, I am going to leave the general population and move to the woods. In the woods, their are forest animals and nature, but there are no people.

Fuck It I’m Going To Be a Whore : Free Funny Grown-Up Coloring Page

It is so hard not to be a whore….soo, just fuck it, I’m going to the whore I always dreamed I would be. I’m going to fuck this and I’m going to fuck that until I’m sore.

Yikes My Post Sounds Bitchy – I’ll Fix it With an LOL : Free Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

Uh oh, did I sound bitchy when I commented on your post or when I posted it to my facebook wall. I really didn’t mean to sound so bitchy, I will put an LOL at the end of it, so it makes you wonder if I was trying to be funny.

You are Young at Heart But Look Old as Fuck : Free Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

Wow, I love how young at heart you are…it is like you are a small, happy child playing at the park. But, has anyone ever told you that you look old as fuck. I mean, I almost mistook you for Betty White.

I’m Sorry I Called You A Skanky bitch, okay bitch : Funny Adult Coloring Page

I’m Sorry I Called You A Skanky bitch, okay bitch : Funny Grown-Up┬áColoring Page I shouldn’t have called you a skanky bitch, do you forgive me, bitch? You…

Do You Notice That It Is Only Poor Fuckers Saying That Money Can’t Buy You Happiness

Don’t listen to a poor person who says that money can’t buy you happiness…because look how far this advice has taken them. Now if Donald Trump tells me that money can’t buy happiness, then I will believe him.