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Thank You For Understanding That I’m Slightly Funnier Than You

The person in the front is laughing and the person in the back is crying because the person in the front is slightly funnier than him. This is a silly, snarky picture to send your sister, brother, friend, or relative.

If You Think I Was Giving You A Compliment Than You Are Dumber Than I Originally Thought You Were

This person was trying to insult someone or at least admonish them, however the person took their insult as a compliment and thanked him. So he is putting his head in his hands because he can’t believe this person is so stupid or he thinks that she or he wasn’t completely listening.

You Are So Old That if You Were a Dog You Would Have Died 6 Times Already

Here is a snarky, funny image of a dog’s gravestone. The caption says that you are so old that you would have died a bunch of times already if you were a dog.

When Life Gets Overwhelming Remember at Least You Get To Die Some Day

Here is a snarky and funny image of a gravestone and a caption that says that when life is getting you down and you are overwhelmed with life, at least you get to die some day.

Our Anniversary is a Painful Reminder of Us Still Being Together

Here is a funny, snarky image of a man giving a back rub to his girlfriend or wife. This image is making fun of their relationship together, with a sly snarky comment about their marriage or relationship.

Grandma Went Online and Found Out You’re a Whore

Grandma Went Online and Found Out You’re a Whore … we all knew that you were a whore, but now Nana know! Better find a way to get Nana to change her mind out you.