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Funny Coloring Page for Grown-Ups: Cats Showing Up on Front Yard When Single Woman Turns 40

Print out this free coloring page for adults…this one is a of a single woman waking up to a surprise…her entire yard is filled with cats. This just automatically happens when you turn 40, when you are a single woman.

Remember Nobody Loves You As Much As You Love Your Cats

This is a good pointer for you…nobody loves you as much as you love those damned cats of yours. Maybe if you left the house once in a while without your cat-filled stroller, people would like you a bit more.

I Love You So Much So Much Less Than My Cats : Snarky Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

I love you so much, I just don’t you as much as my cats. My cats are everything to me, and I really don’t even like people. But as people go, you are A-Okay.My cats are just so much better than you, which is unfortunate.