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Funny Snarky Quote : Success Was No Accident – You Sucked Your Way to the Top

Success was no accident…there was a lot of sucking and jerking people off involved to get you to where you are today! This is a snarky, funny coloring book page for grown-ups.

Funny Snarky Quote : Never Give Up On Your Stupid, Stupid Dreams

You have dreams, sure you do. And I don’t want you to ever, ever give up on them. Never give up on your stupid, stupid dreams…no matter how stupid they are.

Snarky Quote : Never Give Up On Dreams Because of Time, It Will Pass Like You

Here is a funny, snarky quote that you can color in … a free coloring page printable for adults. Never give up on your dreams because of the time that it will take to accomplish it. The will pass any way…just like you.

Someday You Will Go Far Hopefully Far Far Far Away : Funny Adult Coloring Page

I hope that you have plans for a trip to leave and go far, far, far, away. I know that you will go far away some day. Hopefully, it is to the farthest spot that you can imagine.