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Fuck It I’m Going To Be a Whore : Free Funny Grown-Up Coloring Page

It is so hard not to be a whore….soo, just fuck it, I’m going to the whore I always dreamed I would be. I’m going to fuck this and I’m going to fuck that until I’m sore.

Your Addiction to Eating Looks Like It Is Finally Paying Off

Here is a funny adult coloring page about eating and being fat. It is just a silly meme saying that a person’s addiction to eating seems to be paying off…a mean way to say that “hey, you are getting quite fat”.

Someday You Will Go Far Hopefully Far Far Far Away : Funny Adult Coloring Page

I hope that you have plans for a trip to leave and go far, far, far, away. I know that you will go far away some day. Hopefully, it is to the farthest spot that you can imagine.

Of Course I’d Love to Put My Need Last Again : Free Funny Adult Coloring Page

The part I love about having a husband and kids is that I get to always put my needs absolutely last. I haven’t changed my clothes in 15 days, and that is A-OK with me because I put my children’s needs first.

Yikes My Post Sounds Bitchy – I’ll Fix it With an LOL : Free Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

Uh oh, did I sound bitchy when I commented on your post or when I posted it to my facebook wall. I really didn’t mean to sound so bitchy, I will put an LOL at the end of it, so it makes you wonder if I was trying to be funny.

I Love You So Much So Much Less Than My Cats : Snarky Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

I love you so much, I just don’t you as much as my cats. My cats are everything to me, and I really don’t even like people. But as people go, you are A-Okay.My cats are just so much better than you, which is unfortunate.

You Have a Big Heart to Share Your Vagina with Everyone Whore

You share your vagina with everyone because you are a whore…but it is also very generous of you to share it with all. You have such a huge hear to be so free with your body.

People Are Outside! People Are Why I Hate Nature : Free Adult Coloring Page

I hate nature because it is out with all the people waiting to annoy me. If it wasn’t for people, I would love to go outside. But, no, all the people have to ruin nature for me. All the birds, trees, and butterflies in the world couldn’t make me want to go outside, as long as the human race still exists.

You are Young at Heart But Look Old as Fuck : Free Coloring Page for Grown-Ups

Wow, I love how young at heart you are…it is like you are a small, happy child playing at the park. But, has anyone ever told you that you look old as fuck. I mean, I almost mistook you for Betty White.